This Man.

I know this man. I met him maybe three weeks ago. He sat on his swivel stool, behind his computer screen, and told me, using his best I’m a professional and you are not voice, that I had nothing to... Continue Reading →



I can't escape the feeling of nostalgia--of dreams broken, of promises misplaced, of home forgotten. It's everywhere. All encompassing and all surrounding. The silence rings forcefully and truthfully in my ears as we press onwards during our family trip. The... Continue Reading →

Generational Pillars.

I don't remember the exact day my grandfather was invited to live with us, but he is present in each memory extracted from my brain. I also don't remember my grandfather ever being young, and oddly, I don't remember my... Continue Reading →

But Still I Try.

My sons were sick often. And not just the regular sick kid stuff--but the you don't have time to pack, we need a medevac to Vancouver right now kind of sick stuff. As a family, we have spent 98 continuous days... Continue Reading →

A Non-Emergency.

What constitutes an emergency? The dictionary defines emergency as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action”. 1 Isn’t that what I’m experiencing? Is this not an emergency? My life has been thrown a very real, very... Continue Reading →

Custis Straw.

For the first time in a long time, Custis and I walked together. Alone. Usually, when we walk, we bring the fancy, impact cancelling, attention seeking, double stroller that securely holds Atticus and Colton. Or on a particularly relaxed day,... Continue Reading →

The Kitchen Table.

We gather around the kitchen table--the very kitchen table where I dutifully ate my meals as a child. The surface has been scratched and the chairs wobble, but within each grain of wood, there is a memory, a story, etched... Continue Reading →


It snowed yesterday. It snowed all day long. The first snow always captivates my heart. The way it casually drifts down to cover the residue of fall. The way it simply lands without purpose to form a spectacular scene--and yet... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Shadow.

Wearing his usual dimple filled smile, he came sprinting toward me the way toddlers do. His hair bouncing wildly with each step, his legs flinging about, and his feet uncertainly preparing for abrupt strikes against the floor. Reaching the half... Continue Reading →

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